Twitter announces Promoted Tweets

Twitter has been making all kinds of headlines this week. Some interesting stats coming out of Chirp! reveal that Twitter’s user base has grown to 105 million registered users with 300,000 new users registering every day. Twitter also says  it’s receiving  600 million search queries per day, which helps us understand the reach of the company’s new Promoted Tweets platform. Virgin America has already jumped on the Promoted Tweets bandwagon to offer deals and steals.

Twitter: The  saga continues…

The Library of Congress announced it’s acquired the entire Twitter archive. Every public tweet since Twitter’s inception in March 2006 will be archived digitally. That’s a lot of tweets!

Twitter also announced its new Points of Interest feature this week. Twitter users will be able to click on a place name, view it on a map and read through a stream of real-time tweets of what’s happening in the area.

Foursquare Cops

Last week Foursquare announced it was cracking down on fake check-ins by verifying phone GPS signals to see if users are actually where they say they are. This week, the Foursquare Cops have emerged to bust fake check-in culprits.

Facebook Fans worth $3.60 each

Social media management company Vitrue released a study that values Facebook Fans at $3.60 each in earned media for large brands. Vitrue analyzed 45 million fans and found that on average the fans to wall posts ratio was 1:1. Of course, not all brands are created equal and some fan pages yielded ratios that were higher or lower, but this valuation gives us some insight into the worth of Facebook fans.

Google adds drag and drop file attachment

In addition to all of the recent enhancements to Google Docs, Google is showing Gmail some love too. Gmail users can now easily drag and drop file attachments in Firefox and Chrome without having to browse for files. And, you can now send out Google Calendar invites right from Gmail. Multitasking just got easier!