We’d like to extend our sincere congratulations to our client Ford Motor Company for this week’s win at the PR Week Awards! This past Thursday in New York (where we were all very dressed up, including Ford Digital Communications Manager Scott Monty in black tie) the team took home a very prestigious and competitive award – Best Use of Social/Digital Media (some of the other nominees included the Queensland Department of Tourism and their “Best Job in the World” campaign).

When we started working with Ford in 2007, their social media activity consisted of a lone (unauthorized) YouTube channel. It has been incredibly gratifying to be a part of such an amazing evolution and to watch our client grow and master these new and emerging tools and ways of communicating, and be recognized by their peers for doing so.

Congratulations! We are so proud!


  1. Hey Maggie – congratulations! I’m sure SMG’s work had more than a little to do with it…


  2. Congratulations to you and Ford both! I wrote last week about their excellent use of social media, and I just updated it to reflect this award. Keep up the great work SMG!

  3. maggiefox Author

    @Robin, @James – thank you so much for your kind words; we’re part of a great team!

  4. chris

    ummm, what was fords social media campaign? did i miss something?

  5. Chris – the link to PR Week (above) will take you to the campaign article. Too bad it’ll cost you $10.00 to read it.


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