Role of Community Managers Growing in the Enterprise

Dion Hinchcliffe over at the EnterpriseIrregulars has written an enlightening post on the rapidly evolving role of community managers in large companies. He also points us to The State of Community Management – 2010 report.

Facebook to Become Location Aware

Location-sharing tools like Foursquare, Loopt and Gowalla continue to grow, while other social media services like Yelp and Twitter are offering location-aware features. New York Times reports  that Facebook wants some of the action and is planning to release it in late April. Let’s hope this time they avoid the backlash of previous feature releases by getting the privacy settings right out of the gate.

Social Media Gumming up the Wheels of Justice

MediaPost has an interesting article on how the increased use of social media (particularly mobile use) is changing the rules in US courts. It is not only the risk of jurors updating Facebook or live-tweeting aspects of the ongoing case, but also some jurors doing side research on aspects of the case that have some judges specifically instructing jurors not to connect. Last year the American Bar Association discussed the issue at their general meeting.

Why journalists hate embargoes

TechCrunch Europe published a couple of videos with an amusing take on the subject of embargoed information. The post highlights the love/hate relationships that journalists and bloggers have with some of the less competent PR people.