Does Yelp put Skeletons Back in Closet for Advertisers?

An interesting lawsuit is being reported by MediaPost about a veterinary clinic in California suing the popular ratings site Yelp over an alleged offer to bury bad reviews of the clinic in exchange for an advetising contract. If  true, it would appear in some cases that the wisdom of crowds is for sale.

English losing ground to other languages on Twitter

While most tweets don’t exactly adhere to the Queen’s English, English is still the dominant langauge of Twitter. According to a TechCrunch post (based on a report by Paris-based Semiocast), English is down 25% from last year with Japanese, Portuguese, Malay and Spanish all gaining ground in the approximately 50 million tweets per day.

Broadcasting for Burglars

There has been a fair bit of discussion lately about the site Please Rob Me, which aggregates public data from location-based services (i.e. Foursquare when linked to Twitter) and reports when people check in and are thus not home and available for burglary. The purpose being to raise awareness about privacy concerns from these types of services.

Chatroulette: The Girls, The Boys and the Perverts

Played with chatroulette yet? Well, you might want to be careful about doing it at work. Mashable provides us with a funny video of how the popular video-chat site breaks down into 71% Male, 15% Female and 14% Perverts.

Warning: There is nothing graphic in the video, but some language may be mildly offensive.