The Social Media Roundup – building great ideas one 4×2 brick at a time.

Online LEGO Maniacs Unite!
LEGO has launched their new social media hub this week, curating and aggregating content produced by LEGO Maniacs worldwide.  The slick site features a playful block-based layout with a constantly updating tower of content, all of which is shareable and sortable.  As a recovering maniac, I feel a relapse coming on.

Facebook Doesn’t Care About Privacy, Probably, Maybe-ish.
Late last week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg sat down for a chat with Michael Arrington and blew up the Internet.  The big Z implied that the future of Facebook was public, not private and it touched off a flurry of viewpoints on what is evidently still a touchy subject.

I’m with COCO
In what could be cynically construed as a massive social media campaign, NBC’s latest night folks have been the other online buzz of the week.  Conan seems to be the clear online winner (and NBC itself clearly the loser), with a groundswell of support on the major social media platforms, blogs, and of course Craigslist.   Time will tell what part the social media aspect will ultimately play, but the more pressing question is – what would Carson do?

A More Social Google?
This week, GigaOm published an interview with Google’s David Glazer about the Goog’s plans for world domination the social web in 2010.  The crux – connecting everything Google knows about you (Social Search, Latitude, etc) with open community-driven standards like OpenSocial, Friend Connect, and a raft of others to create a “distributed, open social ubiquitous web.”