Contributor Tweet

Twitter is making tweeting for business a little more manageable by testing a new feature called Contributors that will allow multiple users to contribute to a central account. The service is still in beta and thus not available to everyone yet, but Contributors is apparently among several new business features that will be rolled out. The new feature will support the business users of CoTweet and HootSuite.

In other Twitter news, Mashable reports that Twitter is getting a lot more open with its API and as of 2010 application developers will be able to get the “full firehose” of data which has not been accessible to date.

YouTube released its top videos of 2009 and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone with an internet connection that dowdy Susan Boyle and her 120 million+ views of I Dreamed a Dream came in first with almost three times the views of runner up David After Dentist.

Google Labs unleashes Browser Size a very handy tool for reviewing your web site layout by visually representing the percentage of visistors that are able to see your site based on the size of user’s browser windows.

SMG's Website as seen by Google Browser Size

SMG's Website as seen by Google Browser Size

TechCrunch has a great think piece on “fast food content” and how original content is being aggregated, processed and  dumbed-down by bloggers and old-media alike in a race to the bottom in journalism. Fascinating to see how the quickly the new kid on the block becomes the old guard descrying where the young ‘uns are taking the industry.

Xmas Bonus: RockBand and Guitar Hero are pretty popular pastimes whenever the SMG crew gets together. So with holidays coming up we have to shout out to the Geektastic achievement of Ric Turner and his mind-blowing Christmas Light Hero (instructions on how to do it yourself courtesy of Make).