Las Vegas Strip via http2007
photo by http2007

Next weekend, Maggie heads for Sin City and there’s no way what happens in Vegas is going to stay there. It’s the 2009 BlogWorld & New Media Expo! You can bet the conference, trade show and media event will be tweeted, re-tweeted, YouTube’d and Digg’d the whole world over.

Maggie is giving a talk on Crisis Communication in the Era of Social Media with Shel Holtz, principal of Holtz Communication + Technology and Dallas Lawrence, VP Digital Media, Levick Strategic Communications. While you might be able to bluff in Vegas, there’s no such thing when a crisis strikes your company. News in the digital age moves at lightening speed and five minutes ago is yesterday. No doubt these heavyweights will be able to field some pretty tough questions.

The conference runs from October 15 to 17 at Las Vegas Convention Center and if you want to meet Maggie in the city of bright lights, you can still register. If you won’t be able to make it to Vegas, we’ll post a recap here, so please check back.