We all know what LinkedIn is for, right? It’s for making connections. WRONG! It’s for much more than that and the new Commoncraft video, LinkedIn in Plain English, explains the what, why and how.

Don’t feel bad if you missed the boat on this one. It’s obvious that people, me included, weren’t using this social tool to its potential. This is probably the reason why the folks at LinkedIn decided to hire the folks at Commoncraft to make a video about it. Why not? I can’t think of a more appropriate strategy in this case.

Another smart move was to post the videos on YouTube in two parts, here and here. Now, I’m not the biggest advocate of You Tube but it works in this case. LinkedIn Marketing has established a You Tube presence since October 2007. They have 37 other informational videos about their site, 4 favourite videos, 98 subscribers and in-depth contact information. There is room for comments, sharing and the added bonus of watching videos from other users that are related to LinkedIn. (Hopefully nothing inappropriate pops up). All in all, their Commoncraft video fits in nicely; there would be no reason to host it elsewhere.

Enjoy watching the video, whether it is here, on Commoncraft or on You Tube!


  1. I noticed this post JUST after I wrote my own asking a lot of similar questions. The Commoncraft video helps a little bit..but doesn’t really address how one starts out on LinkedIn. Any thoughts for a budding pr professional about building a network with LinkedIn?

  2. Hi Kerri

    Well, the first question I would ask is “what is your goal?” It’s a question addressed in the video and almost always the first question I ask when embarking on a new project. Is your objective just to make connections? If that is the case I might suggest a different platform from LinkedIn. (i.e. real life networking).

    If you are looking for specific types of connections or have a specific purpose then do a search for those key words on LinkedIn and see what comes up. Remember, LinkedIn is only a tool that helps up achieve what we are trying to accomplish; it doesn’t do the work for us (I’m still trying to get them to work on that…lol)

    thanks for visiting!


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