We all understand the value of social networks. They help us find jobs, apartments, even friends. Online social networks allow us to connect in the same way but geography is no longer an issue.

One of the most popular sites, Facebook, allows us to stay in touch with our friends, and find new ones, from all around the globe. Another example is LinkedIn, which helps us to discover jobs, business opportunities and get expert advice no matter where we are. Even online photo sharing sites, like Flickr, have groups based on specific interests. These kinds of sites allow us to focus on our interests and not on our location.

Enjoy this video from Commoncraft, Social Networking in Plain English, to get a better understanding of the benefits of online social networks.


  1. That’s a cute way to explain it.

    I have been amazed at the power of my social networks to get things done in my own life. Almost all of my social life is via online connections, and I’m not just talking about dating. I can’t imagine planning a vacation without using my online peeps to help make it more fun, interesting, economical and social.

  2. I am the same way. Whenever I have a question or am in need of advice my first thought is “Let’s ask my twitter friends!” and it’s because it usually yields great results.

    thanks for stopping by Suebob.


  3. Great post…I just blogged about the fact that you really can’t judge the value of online communities or blogs for that matter without actually interacting with them yourself (i.e. having a page or a blog). Good work Zoe – definitely going to share this one around…cheers,


  4. Zoe,

    Come check out inSocialMedia.com

    You will love the people in the community and everyone contributes regularly.

    I hope to hear from you soon.


    Nelson Bruton

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