ncf08-logo.jpgI’ve been asked to take part in a discussion about the evolution of the Social Media Press Release (SMPR) at the New Communications Forum, which is being held April 22-25th in Sonoma. The event is put on by the Society for New Communications Research (pron “snicker”), a a global nonprofit think tank dedicated to the advanced study of new communications tools, technologies and emerging modes of communication.

Here’s the official blurb for the Forum:

Now in its fourth year, NewComm Forum is the premier conference that brings together senior level communicators from around the globe to explore and discuss the impact of social media and new communications on advertising, marketing, public relations, corporate communications, media, business, culture and society.

I’m thrilled to be invited to participate in this event, and look forward to a lively discussion with Todd Defren, Principal of SHIFT Communications and originator of the first social media press release template. Here’s our session blurb,

Debate around the merits, uses and format of the Social Media Press release was reinvigorated in 2008, with major newswires launching Web 2.0-enabled platforms and Fortune 10 firms like Ford using SMPRs to reach new audiences. Join Todd Defren of Shift Communications, creator of the first social media press release template, and Maggie Fox from Social Media Group, developers of the new Digital Snippets platform, for a conversation about the evolution of the SMPR, moderated by SNCR Founder and Executive Director Jen McClure. Defren and Fox will discuss uses, formats, various efforts to standardize the model, and whether the SMPR means the end of the traditional press release.

Hope to see you there! Online registration is available here.

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  1. Hi Maggie, I just found you because I’m planning to attend “BlogPotomac” event. I’ll be at the NewComm forum… look forward to hearing you there!

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