Welcome EPS23 of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In today’s episode, we speak with Steve Douty, President of BSG Applications and Scott Brittain, Chief Engineer for the BSG Customer Collaboration Engine, about their work in bringing Web 2.0 collaborative tools into the enterprise.

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Show Notes:

Today we speak with Steve and Scott from BSG Alliance (employer of fellow Collective member Susan Scrupski), a company that bills itself as helping firms become “next generation enterprises”. They tell us a bit about BSG Applications, and we talk about evaluating the benefits of collaborative tools, some of the value that their customers have experienced, how they tie these tools back to cost-saving strategies, their consultancy model, the biggest barriers/drivers and centres of opposition to adoption, how BSG practices what it preaches, and whether this web 2.0 stuff is all really just a bubble about to burst.

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