This should come as no surprise to anyone save those who have drunk too deeply of the Kool-AID. According to a recent report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 62% of those who view video online prefer that which is “professionally produced”.

Why would we expect anything less? As online video matures into a viable source of entertainment, viewer expectations will rise to that of other media – it better look and sound good, or they’ll go elsewhere. You heard it here first, content producers – especially within the enterprise – the honeymoon will not last. You’d better get professional, and fast.

Also of interest:

  • 57% of online Americans have watched video online (more than the number that read blogs)
  • 18-29’s are the most voracious consumers of online video, at 76% (31% watch videos online on a typical day)
  • 39% of 65+ Americans online have viewed video via the Internet
  • Video, she is viral – 57% of viewers have shared a link with friends
    1. And, once again – the obligatory chart:

    The Obligatory Chart

    The full report is available here.


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    2. I”m sorry, but that comment is really on the edge of spam, and not appropriate. However, I will leave it up as a cautionary example of how NOT to promote your brand/company/service.

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