Which translates into approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes (or about 48% of the average person’s spare time) per weekday, according to this Media Post article.

The Net Pop I Play survey (conducted by Media Screen) took a look at four major entertainment genres – games, movies, music, and television – and has a number of significant takeaways:

  • 48% of younger users say they learn about new entertainment through community, review and video sharing sites and blogs. Only 25% say they learn about new entertainment through television
  • 27% spend their time online communicating (email, social media, etc.) – the same amount that they spent on entertainment activities online
    1. According to the respondents, the time they spend sending email and visiting websites eclipses the time spent watching television. Given the fact that just 7% of advertising budgets are devoted to buys in a space where people spend more than 40% of their time, it would appear that there’s more than a little bit of a disconnect in the media marketplace. I’m not even going to mention TiVo.