Otherwise known as “social media”. A new partnership between Collective Intellect, Inc. and Wall Street On Demand was announced today (again, in a press release format that makes me have to Google the company names, instead of just providing freaking links to them).

We are assured that the “nuggets” uncovered are ranked and that credible data points are identified to gauge a source’s accuracy (I’m sure there’s a simpler way to have said that) thanks to CI’s proprietary “solutions” (which always makes it sound like software, which, in my experience it isn’t – accurate social media monitoring is generally done by people).

But, anyway – further proof that this whole “Internet” thing is fairly significant source of intelligence for just about anything.

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  1. Heather

    New to your site, and enjoying it! Will be back for sure! It always astounds me that a company’s “secret sauce” is given to a piece of software (if you are correct in this analysis, and to which I have no reason to think otherwise either!) – but rather in how companies effectively create dialogue with their audience/public/clients etc etc. (so modernist eh?)



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