Welcome to the 11th edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode we chat with David Tebbutt, early computer pioneer, creator of BrainStorm software, environmentalist, writer, media skills coach and past member of the Social Media Collective.

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Show Notes:
U.K.-based David, a natural-born storyteller, tells us about his start programming computers in the 1960’s, his interest in sustainable development, how he became interested in and skilled at communications, BrainStorm – thought organizing software he wrote years ago which is still in use, and how social media cost him $60,000 (approximately 44,000 Euros). We discuss del.icio.us, taxonomies vs. folksonomies, Joshua Schachter’s brain, wikis & their use, Library Thing, his love of tag clouds, the evolution of tagging language, drinking from the firehose, the frustrations and potential embarrassments of Second Life, and the wonders of OPML.

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