Here’s everyting that’s fit to blog from the last week and beyond…


1. There’s all kind of buzz about this Ning Thing. It’s a free online platform that will let you build your own social media or community suite – lots of different tools, and aparently very easy to use.


1. Robert Scoble has published an excellent Corporate Blogging Manifesto – I’m including it in my client education materials. Fab!

2. Not surprisingly, people are increasingly coming to rely on using user-generated content in their Internet searches for health information. A very kind client provided the complete Envision Solutions study, and I think the most important takeaway from all this is the obligation that it places on providers of healthcare information – you need to make sure that what these people are finding is correct, unbiased and useful. The best way to do that, of course, is to join the conversation.


1. Is Dell using social media to turn it around? This is a great case study and example of “fighting fire with fire”.

Last Friday:

1. Canadian-grown tech firm Blackberry launched a UGC campaign south of the border (now that all that nasty patent stuff is settled) which came up a little short, according to Ogilvy’s Rohit Bhargava.

Last Thursday:

1. Stowe Boyd had an excerpt of an interview with Jack Welch which touched on the issue of corporate use of social media… briefly.

Hope you had a great weekend!