This Thursday I’ll be speaking at Day Two of the Consumer 2.0 Conference in Toronto. Registration forms can be downloaded here.

Here’s the promo copy:

Join Maggie Fox, founder of Social Media Group, Canada’s first social media agency, for this informative session about putting the power of blogs to work for your business. Find out how Web 2.0 is changing consumer behaviour and discover solutions for cutting through the clutter and engaging your internal and external audiences using blogs. We’ll also examine successful corporate strategies from the Fortune 500, the business case for blogging, address the perceived risks and how to decide whether your firm should consider entering the blogosphere. Social media is changing everything you know – don’t get left behind!

The focus will be a little more narrow on blogging in particular instead of social media in general, but that same benchmark critical information will be there: what’s social media? Why does it matter? What segments of the population use it? What companies are successfully using it? How can your company use it? Unfortunately, the sessions are only 45 minutes, but since I’m on right before lunch, hopefully we can go a little longer if the Q&A is really great. Hope to see you there!

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