It’s the official podcast of the Social Media Collective, and it’s called Social Media Today. Do subscribe to our feed – we’ll be interviewing a new member of the Social Media Collective each week, and the podcast will be published fresh every Wednesday. You can even leave us audio comments right here using the handy tool below.

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Show Notes:
Maggie and Jerry talk about all kinds of stuff: Jerry’s background, what the Social Media Collective is, research about how important online relationships are from USC-Annenberg Digital Future Project, Michael Keren’s Blogosphere: The New Political Arena, the Rashomon effect, bloggers as journalists, journalism and social media, why spelling and primary sources are important, truth in social media, cellphones as social software, Sullivan & Cromwell, Momus, why CEOs shouldn’t blog, Robert Scoble and the business-social media honeymoon phase.

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  1. Hey Maggie,

    Great job on your first episode. Welcome to the podosphere! I’ll be listening…


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