Lee Dodd is running a poll to see which social media sites are used most often (i.e. Digg, Technorati, etc.). I’m really curious to see the outcome – we’ll check back with him in a couple of days to see which tools are most popular with his readers.

This is a particularly important issue for business bloggers because deciding which tagging/sharing sites to include in your “share this post” field can start to seem quite arbitrary, especially in the absence of any really meaningful numbers. There are some interesting WordPress plug-ins that get around this by offering the whole selection, which is helpful. However, I’d really love to see some impartial ongoing stats on which sites actually get the most traffic/use!

Update: Digg won by a landslide, with 78 votes to Stumbleupon’s 11 and del-icio.us’ 10. Personally? I never use Digg, but use del.icio.us all the time. Go figure!