I know that the concept of the Social Media Press Release is a new one – no problem, these things take time. However, does anyone else see the irony in this situation? This morning CNW Group put out a press release for the Canadian New Media Awards and though HTML, though a bloody webpage, it does not have any links and even worse? The one URL that’s listed – the URL for the CNMA websiteis wrong (as I discovered when I cut and pasted it into my browser address bar).

I really do not understand why, in this day and age, any wire service or CLIENT would even consider that this would be an acceptable press release format (i.e. completely static). It’s absolutely ridiculous. Maybe they should just go back faxing it to me instead?


  1. You can always check out the 2007 New Media Awards from the New Media Institute http://www.newmediaawards.org and the New Media Institute’s Web site is at http://www.newmedia.org

  2. I think it was Stowe Boyd who talked about needing some sort of central verification for company spokespeople responding to blog posts – this would be a prime example. “John” – the commenter above, has actually left us two links to awards that have nothing to do with the Canadian New Media Awards – their URL is, in fact, http://www.cnma.ca/

    I guess John has some Google Adsense thing going – I have allowed this comment to live as an illustration; it behoves us all to be wary of situations like this.

  3. Roger

    It’s because the CNMA is run by a bunch of assmonkeys who couldn’t find their own ass with two hands, a map and a book on CSS for idiots.

  4. I don’t know, folks – what do you think about this anonymous comment? I think if you’re going to call the CNMA a bunch of “assmonkeys”, you should have the balls to use your real name or at least provide a URL, don’t you think?

    Seems like a cheap (and meaningless) shot to me.

  5. Hi Maggie:

    I am the Executive Producer of the CNMA and I came across your post. I do find it cowardly when people take personal shots at people when they have never met me and they do it anonymously.

    However, on your comment about the press release. It is frustrating, but unfortunately we are victims to what the distribution technology offers. That is why it is only one means of distributing the information.

    As for the social media category. It seemed like a natural category to introduce given the growth in social media as an area for interactive content.

    The CNMA has been my not-for-profit initiative to recognize great talen in interactive content in Canada and promote the Canadian industry. Instead of pissing on it, more people should find ways to promote efforts to recognize the industry.

    Anyhow…the correct link is http://www.cnma.ca


    Adam Froman
    Executive Producer and Founder, CNMA
    President, Delvinia Interactive

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