In this post, I slammed Deloitte for spamming me after I left a comment on their new corporate blog earlier this week.

At 3:44 EST, I got the following comment from Greg Shea at Deloitte:


Thanks for the catch. Our intent wasn’t to spam those who submit comments. Before we set up an RSS feed we used the email address/checkbox combination to enable blog subscriptions. When we implemented the feed we neglected to remove the checkbox. We’re working on that now, and thanks for the constructive feedback.

Please note the complete absence of hostility and the gentlemanly tone. Here’s why all of this is so incredibly fantastic:

1. Participation. Deloitte is monitoring the blogosphere and actively participating in the conversation about their blog (“You have to be a part of the conversation in order to influence it…”)

2. Action. Deloitte is smart enough to know the kinds of informal communications that are expected in this space, jumping in shortly after they realised there was a misunderstanding. Greg was nice and not snarky at all – mollifying me greatly and therefore greatly reducing any risk of “brand damage” originating with me as a result of the inadvertant spamming.

3. Intelligence. Deloitte received invaluable intelligence from the marketplace. It sounds like they had no idea they were spamming people, and are moving quickly to correct that since it’s obviously annoying.

Well done, folks. Your handling of this situation was picture-perfect!


  1. Nice response, indeed!! It’s so nice not to get the “your comments are important to us” form letter sent by Company Drone #301. It shows the human side of a large corp.

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