This article in today’s Washington Post tipped me off to the newest member of the business blogosphere: Bill Marriott, Chairman and CEO of Marriott International has started the Marriott on the Move blog in part because his communications folks told him how important blogs are in the travel biz,

Now I know this is where the action is if you want to talk to your customers directly — and hear back from them…Blogging will allow me to do what I’ve been doing for years – on a global scale. Talking to the customer comes easily to me.

I’m sure this decision has as much to do with going where the customers are (smart) as it does having the credibility to counteract criticism in the blogosphere (smarter). Bill’s even vowed to talk about current events – he’s big on immigration reform.

I submitted a comment at 7:28 a.m. EST – let’s see how long their moderation queue is.

Update: 9:40 a.m. EST, still no comments approved.


  1. Maggie – the moderation cue can’t be that bad – I found your blog through your comment on the Marriott site just now 3pm EST!

    Hoteliers always talk about “listening” to the customer. I am happy to see Bill Marriott (or his PR peeps) actually try to create some dialogue. Whereas I have always felt that the ubiquitous Marriott was as faceless a hotel brand as they come…now I feel all warm and fuzzy after reading the first blog post.

    Glad I found your blog Maggie – lots of great reading here.


  2. Hey Chris – thanks for your kind words, and they have a weird
    comment thing going on, don’t they? Oldest comments appear first???

  3. Hi Maggie and Chris

    I am just working on a post now discussing the success of the Bill Marriott Blog after having conversations with both Marriott Canada, and the Ecommerce group of the Marriott Central region last week. What came out of those conversations was that the “success” of the Blog depends really upon what is deemed success to the creator and its readers.
    To the brand – increased distribution channels, and thus increased revenues is success. And success in the Blogosphere is really acceptance as a credible Blog and a loyal readership.
    Now as I better understand the brand culture, and Bill Marriott as a leader – I have a different opinion of the success of Mr. Marriott’s attempt to connect with his customers – and I just might start to talk about it as a good example of a Blog created by a brand.

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