Curious about social media? I recommend attending a power breakfast I’ll be speaking at on January 31st in Toronto:

Maggie will discuss how everyone’s talking Web 2.0 – but what does it mean? In this session, she’ll go over the hard facts: what people are doing online, why you need to pay attention and how your business can reap the benefits. The best part? You’ll get the numbers to back it all up.

I get asked to come up with ridiculous angles on social media for conferences sometimes, and I just won’t. The majority of decision-makers in business have heard of Web 2.0, but they don’t necessarily know what it means. So I stick to the basics unless I know it’s a savvy audience (and then things can get really fun!).

This is a great introductory seminar to attend if you want to begin the process of understanding what social media and Web 2.0 will mean to your business now and into the future, and it’s all research-based! Here are the details:

Wednesday January 31st, 2007
8:00 am – 10:30 am

The Ontario Club
30 Wellington Street West
(Wellington & Bay Street)
Toronto, Ontario M5L 1A1

Hosted By Profectio
“Bringing together Canada’s connected community”

Details and Online Registration

See you there!


  1. Social media and The Ontario Club . . . now there’s an interesting marriage of content and form. Since the audience will be “savvy”, you’ve now committed to being interesting. See you there.

  2. I’m looking forward to it. Just rustling up a contingent from my office. Maybe I’ll give Environics a call and see if they want to come down and heckle. 🙂

  3. David, I’m one step ahead of you: I will be bringing a squirt gun.

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