A while ago I set up a blog ring, which is basically exactly like a web ring, only with blogs. That is,

A webring in general is a collection of websites from around the Internet joined together in a circular structure… To be a part of the webring, each site has a common navigation bar; it contains links to the previous and next site. By clicking next (or previous) repeatedly, the surfer will eventually reach the site they started at; this is the origin of the term webring… Webrings are usually organized around a specific theme, often educational or social.

I called it the Corporate Bloggering (catchy, no?) and thought that perhaps other people who blog about blogs, like me, might be interested in joining. The idea is you sign up to be included here and get to add the cute chicklet I designed to your site ( socialmediagroup.png ), which is then linked to mine, and so on and so on.

Anyway, I set everything up and then never did anything about it, so I thought it was about time.