I’ve just received an invitation to join a new think group called the Social Media Collective, which is:

An invitation-only group of bloggers, thinkers, executives and entrepreneurs who are interested in social media and Web 2.0 and its impact on marketing, advertising, PR, and old media.

The invite came from Jerry Bowles of Enterprise Web 2.0 via Susan Scrupski of IT Services Advisory (she also authors a blog on ZDNet; we became aware of one another through a mutual business acquaintance – I’m honoured that she would recommend me).

At the moment group members are mostly introducing themselves, but I’m really hoping for some great discussions once we all settle in. The Collective is comprised of top-notch thinkers and executives and bloggers – I’m going to have to bring my best game to this one. I do promise posts about our most provocative discussions…


  1. Congrats…sounds like quite the powerful group.

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