I apologise for my lacklustre output this week, Dear Readers! Nevertheless, I want to make sure you get your full weekly dose of all things social media, therefore I present this week’s Roundup (a touch late):

1. Who’s watching YouTube? Probably not who you’d expect. 54% are 35 to 64.

2. Concerned about being left behind in the social media space, Yahoo bought Bix.com, an online contest site.

1. Charlene Li of Forrester Research and her work to quantify the ROI of blogs were featured in an article on Computerworld.com.

2. Two big blogging conferences were announced south of the border (full disclosure: I have sent in proposals to speak at both) – Social Media 2007 and BlogWorld.

3. Has social media reached the tipping point in the U.S.?

1. The winners of the BOB Awards (Best of all Blogs – shouldn’t that be “BOABs”?) were announced.

1. Scott Monty of the Social Media Marketing Blog has created what may very well be the first pitch blog. Client-directed, it summarized what they thought about between hearing about the opportunity and presentation, research, and general thoughts on strategy – along with plenty of humour. They got the account.

Last Friday:
1. Everyone’s scrambling to keep up with Google’s foray into social media. It looks like Yahoo’s 360 blog hosting service is due for a makeover, according to Bradley Horowitz, Yahoo’s VP of Product Strategy. 360 is currently in 6th place, behind Blogger (21 million unique users in September), MySpace blogs (16 million), MS Windows Live Spaces (9.8 million), Six Apart (9.3 million) Xanga (7 million).

Last Wednesday
1. A small independent band called Bones had a MySpace page. Fox Television (owned by NewsCorp, which also owns MySpace) created a show with the same name. They requisitioned the band’s page without warning and started using it to promote the show. But the Internet didn’t like it and Fox gave the page back. A very efficient combination of looking like a jerk/alienating your users, which is bad.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great weekly roundup, Maggie. I like the format. Better than my approach, which has been to just scrape in del.icio.us links. Good stuff.

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