Really interesting interview on today’s edition of the Marketing Voices podcast with Bradley Silver of BrandIntel, a Toronto-based company (with global offices) that translates

online consumer-published content into reliable intelligence and analysis, enabling the world’s top companies to advance the science of their decision-making.

Apparently they have created a link map of the Internet (remember those old poster “maps of the Internet” with their charmingly quaint little firework-like explosions of links and sites? Doesn’t it all seem so wee now?) and are set to collect their 30-billionth consumer comment sometime this year.

Their technology sounds capable of some pretty heavy lifting, and comes with a similarly hefty price tag (for SMEs, anyway), with prices starting at $50,000 and quickly escalating into the millions. But, as their (snappy) website rightly asks,

Would you make a multi-million dollar decision based on unreliable data?