This seems a bit self-defeating, and I don’t really think you can truthfully call a website created using blog content management software a “blog” if the comments function is not enabled. That would just be what we in the business call a “cheap website”.

I was drawn to make this distinction by this story about Long Beach, CA Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske and her so-called “blog”. She talks, but no talking back allowed. Again, this is simply what’s known as a “website”.

People – it’s the two-way communication that makes the blog, not the software!

Closer to (my) home, the following contenders for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada are employing similar strategies (i.e. cheap websites) but calling them “blogs”:

Michael Ignatieff (to get to this page you click a link that says “read the whole blog”, but no comments)
Martha Hall Findlay (written by her, but no longer identified as a “blog”, no comments)

And the only one who’s actually calling a blog a blog: Gerrard Kennedy.

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  1. Gerrie Schipske

    I am not able to allow comments on the blog because as an elected official if I censor the comments — such as blocking offensive remarks (sexist, racist, etc)I and the City can be sued for violation of free speech. So I encourage anyone wanting to response to email me at This is the closest I can do to blogging.
    Gerrie Schipske

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