Len Downie, editor of the Washington Post, said that his reporters love newsroom blogs for putting them in touch with their readers (“Everyone in our newsroom wants to be a blogger”). This from an article on the Editor and Publisher website, posted October 6th.

Downie went on to say that

The blogs that pick apart every article that the Post produces are a good thing, because they “keep the paper honest” and, even if their commentary isn’t positive, bring people to the site.

And speculated

that perhaps in the future content sharing between old media and new media would be less of a one-way street, with print media taking cues and integrating ideas from multimedia and blogs.

Which dovetails nicely with a recent post from Debbie Weil, in which she asks, Is this an inflection point? The New York Times and Wall Street Journal source TechCrunch to break the news about Google’s possible acquisition of YouTube. Interesting times, indeed!